The Team


Carlo Harvey

I am the Course Leader for BSc / MSci Computer Games Technology at Birmingham City University. I'm also a researcher in Game Science for the Digital Media Technology Research Centre. I am also a Founder and director of Curso, a digital media, software and games development studio based within Birmingham City University.


Stephen Murphy

I am an Associate Professor in the school of Computing and Digital Technology BCU. My passions are teaching and technology but I lead on many learning technologies and run the Linux Certification. I am also the other Founder/Director of Curso working alongside Carlo to deliver this amazing project in BCU.


Zoe Kazakou

I joined BCU in November 2018 after completing a Masters in History. I am looking after the administrative aspect of the Software House Internship programme as a Project and Events Administrator.


Martin Svejda

My name is Martin Svejda, I am a Senior Technician in Computing and Digital Technology at BCU. I am the Lead DevOps Techie at Curso House managing sprints for all client projects. My job is to ensure of delivery and quality of projects and service. My daily dose of energy is 'solving problems' and 'productive people'.


Stefan-Alexandru Ieremie

I’m a Computer science student, software developer, interested in areas like object-oriented programming (Java, Python, C#), working with hardware (RaspberryPi, Arduino) and mixed reality (Microsoft HoloLens).


Sifat Jahir

I'm a Computer Science student who is interested in full stack Web Development. I enjoy participating in Hackathons and attending tech meetups.


Shanna May Morris

I'm a Visual Effects student, with a background in Film, and specializations in VFX & CGI, creating various visual arts has been my main passion.


Shakar Saleem

I’m a recent Computer Science graduate student with a variety of advanced data analytical, mathematical, database and programming skills. I have taken part in well-received grouped programming projects and internship work on real working environment projects


Sanah Akheel

I am a Business Information Technology student studying at Birmingham City University. My skills range from entrepreneurial skills to basic programming.


Radoslav Varbanov

VFX student who specialises mainly in areas around 3D modeling, using software such as Maya, ZBrush and Substance Painter. (Also an EPIC gamer. *dabs away*)


Stephen Waite

I’m a third-year student at Birmingham City University, studying computer forensics with the aspiration of entering the UK legal system as a digital forensic analyst.


Saad Zaman

I'm a Computer Science student who is enthusiastic about learning new techniques to enhance my existing skills. I've studied Linux and various programming languages such as Python and Java, and am interested in front end development.


Naazim Ali Jehangir

I'm a 21 year old Business Information Technology student with a passion for technology from a young age. I have been working to expand my skills and am looking forward to pursuing opportunities where I can incorporate the knowledge that I have learnt.


Michael Wolf

I have loved video games from a very young age and always dreamed of one day creating them, also a pretty big Nintendo fan. I have skills in C# and C++ and have created several projects in Visual Studio and using Unity and Irrlicht game engine.


Mattia Colombo

I’m a sound engineer interested in several fields of digital audio technology. I’m currently working with members of academia to research sound synthesis for virtual environments and aim to expand my areas of interest.


Jack Hunt

I love games and I love making them. Coming from a Java background, I am now developing video games in C# using Unity. I also have experience in Ruby, Bash, C++, Python and Scheme. I want to make a living out of my hobby, programming!


Ashleigh Rowe

I’m a Games Tech student with a passion for hardware interfaces and spend a lot of time working on retro consoles. I am experienced in many engines including Unity and unreal, and am proficient with C++, C#, Python, and Z80 ASM. I'm also a mega *nix nerd!


Zakariyya Ahmed

I’m a recent Computer Science graduate with skills in various areas across computer science. These include mobile and web development, programming (Python, Java, F#, PHP and React-Native), machine learning, networking, data analysis and open source systems.


Usmaan Khan

I’m a Computer science student. I am passionate about my work as well as being ambitious when completing my tasks and getting them done to their very best standards. I excel in planning and designing, can get a task planned and designed in no time.


Rhys Davis

I am a practical individual with a passion for video games. Computer games technology student with skills in C#, C++ and Unity.

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