About Us


Curso is currently undertaking a number of projects for both big and small clients. One of Curso’s strength is the ability to connect experts experienced in a wealth of areas, creating a fertile atmosphere for cultivating innovative ideas. Our highly skilled team is specialised in computer science, computer forensics, network and security, VFX, game and music technology, sound and electronic engineering, business information systems and management. The game developers have previously built applications using game engines such as Unity or Unreal, and modelling software including Maya or Blender. Team members include placement students and graduates from Birmingham City University who are keen to share their knowledge and enhance their skills whilst creating innovative products. 

Curso was started as a Birmingham City University initiative to aid students to develop their skills, work on industry projects and gain experience of working in a job in the field. The initiative has been recently funded and is a new micro-placement. We are working with many top local and national companies to produce real-world projects, whilst planning out our deliverables, and meeting targets. Curso benefits from the collaboration with the University, which provides the team with cutting-edge technology. Using Microsoft Hololens, VR equipment, and state-of-the-art PCs with high end configurations, we produce high-quality content for our clients. 

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